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Get to Know Our Team

Meet the Committee


Debbie Healy


Debbie took over as Chairperson in 2019, after a couple of years as the Vice-Chair. She joined the team on 13th April 2017. Even though she lives out of area, Debbie is still passionate and keen to support the Village Hall.

Debbie can always be found with a mic in her hand.


Paddy O'Rourke


Paddy joined the team on 13th April 2017. Since then he has been a committee member, Events Coordinator (role dissolved in 2022), Resident Quiz Master, and in 2019 he took over the role as Vice-Chair. Paddy has been temporarily in charge of the accounts since the Treasurer stepped down in 2022.


Karen O'Rourke

Booking Secretary

Karen initially joined as a volunteer in 2017, but by 2022, she realised she was doing the job of a committee member so might as well be classed as one. Karen is one of our most committed members at the Hall. She is the first to open up and last to leave. Karen helps run and support regular group bookings and all events that we do.

Unfortunately Karen supports Manchester United. 


Lindsey Mays

Funding Officer

Lindsey joined the team in 2022, after a shout out for volunteers and Committee Members at our AGM. Since then Lindsey has been a force in being able to secure us funding for the various different projects and visions we strive for at the Village Hall.

If there's a chance of getting something for the Hall, Lindsey's got it.

Kitchen Staff 2_edited.jpg

Wendy Hood

Committee Member

Wendy joined the team in 2022, after a shout out for volunteers and Committee Members at our AGM. Wendy has turned her hand to most things during her time at the Village Hall. 

Wendy's favourite event at the Hall is The Big Quiz of the Year or as she calls it, "The night Wendy lets her hair down!!"

TTC £2K Promo Photo_edited.jpg

Andrew Mays

Committee Member

Andrew joined the team in 2022, after a shout out for volunteers and Committee Members at our AGM. Andrew helps out at events and with a lot of behind the scenes work. Andrew is very friendly when working events, and is never happier than when he is winding up our regulars or staff, especially Wendy.


Robert Burnell

Committee Member

Rob joined the team in 2023, after stepping up at the AGM. Rob was a volunteer and friend of the Village Hall prior to becoming a Committee Member. During a recent redecorating mission, Rob has been heavily involved in this helping with the new upholstery of the chairs with the hard working 'Friends of' group, and painting of main hall. 


Elvis Milkshake

Village Hall Mascot

After a competition was held in 2021 to name our new mascot, Elvis Milkshake was born. The Committee at the time were torn, between Elvis and Milkshake so we decided to join the names together. Since 2021, Elvis tries to attend as many events as he can, he even travelled to the Riverside Stadium to support the Hall. 

Meet the Friends of Boosbeck Village Hall


Joan & Dave


Alison & Kath







The Friends of Boosbeck Village Hall are our committed and hard working volunteers who help and support everything we try to achieve at the Hall, whether it is behind the scenes work, working stalls, or attending groups or events, there they are. Recently this group helped with the upholstery of the chairs making them look fresh and warmer, and also helped with the painting of the main hall as part of the redecoration project that we are undertaking. 

As always, thank you for your continued support and hard work, it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 



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Joan and Gwen


Could this be you?

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