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Snack and Chat Grows 

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The Snack and Chat group has been running for a few months and continues to have steady numbers. The aim is to combat isolation and loneliness through having fun. The current group meet up every Thursday to play dominoes, cards, and board games, as well as knitting or to just sit with a brew and socialise. Their open door policy and laid back approach has created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, which has seen the group grow in size, but is still keen on welcoming new members.


On 23rd June, a smaller section of the group went to a 'Soup Funding Event' hosted by East Cleveland Good Neighbours Support group to pitch their ideas on why “Snack and Chat Social” and “Let’s Sing” should be considered to be awarded a grant to help pay for new equipment and resources for the two groups. They were successful and £600 was awarded to Snack and Chat and £400 to Let's Sing.

New resources have been bought, and other suggestions of what the group want to spend their money on have been shared. The has spoken about the desire to be more active, and have bought skittles, and a dart board, who plays we may see them at the Alexandra Palace one day!!

Time will tell where the group will go next, the skies the limit guys, but what is certain they'll have fun along the way!!

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