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Boosbeck Gets Quizzical
1st January 2024


Boosbeck Village Hall have hosted 11 family themed quiz afternoons throughout 2023, and ended the year with the Big Quiz of 2023. Every quiz is family friendly, with questions and rounds are based off the suggestions from our teams from the previous month, unless it is "The Big Quiz of..". which is based on events of that year or subject.

The quizzes are hosted by Paddy mainly, but we are extremely lucky to have the occasional quiz hosted by Adrian Dawkins to give Paddy a rest and chance to enter the quiz.

Paddy's quizzes are not your traditional quizzes, they have the tendency to be daft in places with a chance to gamble points. Almost guaranteed to cause arguments with your team. Anyone can win!! Bonus points are always on offer, unless West Ham lose.

Quizzes are usually made up of 12 Questions Rounds including Music, 6 Picture Rounds, and 4 "Just For Fun" question rounds, nothing to do with the quiz but a chance to win some sweets. Scores are added up and at the end the winning team goes home with a prize. There is a chance to go home with some money by answering 3 random pre-chosen questions correctly throughout the quiz, the jackpot currently stands at £58. Money from this is raised by £1 per team being taken out and put aside separately to build up month on month.

If a quiz is something you'd be interested in, please check out our Facebook page for dates of the next quiz, get your team together, and come along!!

Everybody welcome!!

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